You’re Hired…Trump 2012?

I have to admit when thinking about who would be the Republican candidate to rival Obama for the Presidency, Donald Trump didn’t exactly come to my mind.  I saw his speech at CPAC 2011 and I was intrigued by what he had to say.  First, he loves our Country and he hates what it is becoming (weak in the eyes of many nations). He vows, if he runs and wins, “this country will be respected again.”

He loves Ronald Reagan, a definite plus in my eyes. He holds true to conservative values/principles: pro-life, against gun control, opposes gay marriage, wants a strong defense, won’t raise taxes,  and the man sure knows how to run a business. He also will fight to end obamacare.

Who knows maybe come 2012 we might hear Mr. Trump utter those famous words in his acceptance speech, ” Obama, you’re fired!!!!”

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